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About us

Steinhaus GmbH is a German producer for wear components in the sectors of industrial wire mesh conveyor belts, screens & filters with a long tradition of over 90 years.

Namely in the sector of our rolled baking oven belts, a.k.a. Z-belts but also for our slotted filter tubes, our international market grew for the last 2 decades, because of our obligation for quality & service.
We enjoy a high reputation, both with OEMs and endusers, either small or big international groups, since quality, reliability & expertise are not just words for us, but we live them.

Clients in >60 countries on all 5 continents cannot be wrong.
On the GULFOOD we concentrate on showing these 2 products, baking oven belts & slotted filter tubes, where new state-of-the-art equipment allows us to offer our clients the solution they need.
Our aim is a long term partnership with our clients and not the "hit-and-run"-business.

Products and services

1. Rolled Baking Oven Belts (a.k.a. Z-Belts) for baking of biscuits, crackers and cookies in tunnel ovens for direct and indirect heating; with equal & rectangular mesh structure for easy installation, tracking & maintenance plus other excellent operational characteristics, resulting in a long period of use over several years.

2. CLEANBELT cleaning device for supporting the working & effectiveness of brush systems in tunnel ovens for baking oven belts (Z-Belts)

3. Various types of Wire Mesh Belts for cooling, drying, washing, deep freezing & frying processes in the food industry.

4. Slotted Filter Tubes, made of welded wedge wire, for various applications in the beverage industry for filtration of liquids, such as fruit juices, soft drinks & beer, but also for environmental applications.
Rolled Baking Oven Belt ("Z"-Belt)

Rolled Baking Oven Belt ("Z"-Belt)

A special belt for use in tunnel ovens for biscuits, cookies & crackers;
extremely regular mesh structure & smooth surface;
moderate weight per meter & easy to install;
repairable in case of operational damages;
good self running & tracking characteristics;
excellent air permeability for good baking results with low energy consumption, even at high baking speeds;
available in 4 different typs & widths up to 1800 mm

CLEANBELT belt cleaning device

CLEANBELT belt cleaning device

This device is for rolled baking oven belts. Often baking dirt becomes so hard that it blocks the wire mesh holes completely & the Z-belt gets a "solid" surface with no heat circulation and leaving dirt spots on the product. Only a brush system is not enough here.
Our CLEANBELT, however, breaks the dirt in the mesh so that the brushes have an easy job to eventually swipe off the particles. More efficient baking processes, products with no dirt spots plus longer belt life time are your benefits.

Enrobing Belt (Braided Rod Belt)

Enrobing Belt (Braided Rod Belt)

One of the many examples of our range of belts for the food industry;
very light design with thin wires, big openings and low weight;
used in installations for covering of biscuits with toppings like chocolate etc., but also for washing & spraying;
preciseness is of great importance, since belt is driven by sprocket wheels.

We have various other belts for cooling, drying, washing, cleaning, covering & baking.


Platanenallee 46
45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Phone: +49 208 580101

Peter Otten
Product & Export Director
Phone: +49 208 5801410

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